Your Moodle website with a personal touch

There are plenty of discount hosting providers across the Internet where you can sign up for a self-hosted solution to your Moodle needs. Additionally, there are plenty of Moodle partners out there who will give you top tier service and support for the right price. You may also opt for rolling up the sleeves and going the DIY approach for your hosting requirements. For the majority of users, one of these options will satisfy. 

However, if getting your Moodle needs fulfilled with a personal touch, a reasonable cost, and a sense of security is where you prefer to be, Tall Thom's VIP Moodle hosting is something you should consider. 

Work directly with experience

When you sign up for Tall Thom's VIP service, you get a personalized consultation directly with an experienced professional. In our first meeting, we'll discuss the specific requirements you want for your Moodle site. We'll discuss the number of concurrent users, the amount of data, your available budget, and any other concerns or issues you might have. If there are migrations or conversions from one provider to another or a particularly challenging customized modification, we will try to provide you with a solution that makes sense for you. 

A "no pressure" approach

There is never any pressure to "just sign up" and join the masses. You will not be overwhelmed with incomprehensible technical jargon. Everything will be explained carefully and your questions or concerns will be answered before you make any decisions. In all cases, we will advise you of the best course of action for you regardless of whether or not you sign up for Tall Thom's VIP service. For us, your positive experience with Moodle matters the most. 

What do we provide?

Any additional services?

What is your role?

How do I sign up?

Send an email to thom.w.rawson at either Microsoft or Google.