International Virtual Exchange - Moodle co-administrator, support, and participating member of the project.

Moodle Association of Japan - MAJ member, Moodle co-administrator, support, executive committee member, and research and development committee member.

Moodle Users Association - MUA committee member (2017~2019), member, liaison between MUA and Moodle Association of Japan.

Pearson Asia's English Firsthand MyMobileWorld Project - Technical advisor for developing a Moodle-based LMS to support the EFL textbook series English Firsthand. This project provides an online digital companion site for the series and was developed from 2016~2018 and is now in production.

Xlearning Systems Consultant - Extensive Reading ( website technical advisor and development project leader.  Joined as technical consultant to the project managing 2 development teams and helping to stabilize the prototype for production. This project provides a digital online library of English graded readers for EFL students performing extensive reading online.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) - Project leader working with a team to develop a MOOC for the hospitality services industry in southwestern Japan. This is a JSPS KAKEN funded project currently in progress.

Nagasaki International University Mobile Application Project - Received funding to design and implement a mobile application for the university. This app is now available in the Google Play store and the Apple app store for students at the university. This app interfaces with the university's Moodle site which provides courseware.

eLearnLink LMS Connectivity Project Virtual Exchange - Moodle administrator, LTI integrator, and troubleshooter for 5 different Moodle sites. This project has connected Moodle sites using both MNet and LTI. We have also connected Blackboard and Moodle together using LTI. This is a JSPS KAKEN funded project which concluded in 2018.

Dropbox Moodle Quiz Question XML Generator - Developed a script which works with Dropbox. Place a custom CSV into a Dropbox folder and receive a Moodle XML question file ready for upload. Also supports GIFT formats.

Dropbox Wordpress User Webspace Administrator - Using Dropbox and a CSV file with user data, a custom web space based on each user gets configured including a private Wordpress installation for each. This integration was used in a technology school training users on FTP, Web site building, and Wordpress blog administration.
    Sync Mirroring Project - self-designed and implemented tool for mirroring PHP/MySQL websites. Allows any production PHP/MySQL site to be backed up remotely and mirrored to any number of specified servers.
    PoodLL Live Demo - Configured and maintained live demo site for PoodLL plugins. Site resets every 24 hours and runs the latest version of Moodle with the latest PoodLL plugins.

    PoodLL (for Moodle) - founding supporter of the multimedia plugin for Moodle. Have supported this project from the system administrator side including the development of the demo site system ( Also created the first bootable language laboratory for Moodle version 1.9 and PoodLL which allowed any computer laboratory to become a language laboratory using Moodle, PoodLL, red5 server and Puppy Linux.

    Moodle Server Administrator for several institutions and other research projects:
    - Institut français du Japon, Tokyo
    - Mai's Moodle Site, Tokyo
    - Nagasaki International University
    - Nagasaki Junior College
    - University of Nagasaki - Online Resource Center
    - Sasebo National College of Technology - Online Resource Center
    - Harashima's Moodle Site, Maebashi Institute of Technology
    - Sojo University Kumamoto Elementary English Research Project
    - Sojo University Kumamoto Read Assist Research Project
    - Nagasaki University Minds Moodle Site (NU-Minds), Nagasaki University