...just a place for a few internet footprints...

I am just living a simple life and trying to enjoy the little things. I feel fortunate to have been given so many opportunities. I grew up in Massachusetts and Maine in the USA and in my early thirties made a move to southwestern Japan. It has been an interesting adventure thus far.

I thought it would be useful for me to keep an online resume/CV handy, so I've put that here. There is also a link to Research Map where you can view some of the accomplishments in my time as a university faculty member. I have always been interested in using technology for learning. I am a big proponent of Learning Management Systems and have worked with technology in various educational projects.

I also enjoy helping out small businesses with their online services and websites. I provide VIP hosting services to a few select customers. I plan to put some information about that here soon. If you are interested in VIP web hosting -- something more geared towards the "hands off" type of small business owners that just want to manage their content and not worry about the underlying back end of things, this is the type of service I provide. The upside include the costs being reasonable and when you need help you get directly in touch with me.

About the photography; I like experimenting with my camera or smartphone to see what kinds of things I can capture for my own enjoyment. I'll put a few of my favorites here from time to time. 

That's all there is to it, I guess. Thanks for visiting.