Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2017 February 22 | Virtual Exchange for Collaborative Learning in Japan and Abroad | Presentation

At Nagasaki International University, I presented before the faculties about some of the research projects I have been working on. Although I was only presenting for 20 minutes, I felt it was a good opportunity to share these ideas with colleagues and get feedback and questions to help me move forward with the projects. Overall, I felt the presentation was well-received. Here I'll include the abstracts for the presentation in English and Japanese as well as the slides.



Virtual Exchange for Collaborative Learning in Japan and Abroad

Faculty of Human and Social Studies, International Tourism Department


Virtual Exchange, or Telecollaboration, is defined using the term "Online Interaction and Exchange " or (OIE) according to Melinda Dooly and Robert O'Dowd (2013). It is simply the process of connecting students and classrooms across distances using technology for the purpose of sharing ideas and learning collaboratively. It allows students from one place to learn about the thoughts and ideas of students at another place without having to physically be in the same location. It also allows connections to be made not only at the student level but also at the faculty, department, and university level as well. At NIU, members of the International Tourism Department have experience connecting students both within Japan and internationally in Europe, North and South America, as well as other parts of Asia for Virtual Exchange projects. In this presentation, the basic methods, technology, and results of these interactions will be shown for the purpose of encouraging other departments and programs to engage in telecollaborative activities to connect the NIU students with the global world.


Melinda Dooly and Robert O'Dowd (2013)によると、バーチャルエクスチェンジ、つまり、テレコラボレーションは「オンライン上の意思疎通、交換」という言葉で定義されます。これは単に、テクノロジーを用いて、教室という枠を超えて学生が他国の学生とつながり、考えを共有し、共同で学習することを目的とした活動です。これにより、学生は同じ場所にいなくても、別の場所(他国)にいる学生の考えや意見について学ぶことができます。さらに、これは学生だけでなく、学科、学部、大学という規模でも行うことが可能です。本学の国際観光学科では、学生がバーチャルエクスチェンジプロジェクトで、日本国内とアジア各地とだけでなく、ヨーロッパや北アメリカ、南アメリカの学生とも実際にやり取りをしています。本発表では、バーチャルエクスチェンジの基本的な方法、技術、活動の結果を示し、他学科さらには他学科のプログラムにおいても、本学の学生と他国の学生とでやり取りする活動に参加できる可能性を示唆します。

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