Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 November 12 | Japan e-Learning Awards | New Technology Award

Our Research Team! Congratulations!
Our research team was awarded a prize for New Technology research at the 2014 Japan e-Learning Awards in Tokyo. Our 5-member team has spent the last few years working together on networking LMS sites together for collaborative projects between universities. We primarily use Moodle to operate online courseware delivery for our students, however our project involves getting the students to work together remotely on different activities.

The e-Learning website which has our award listed is located here. Scroll down the page and look for our team members listed next to the New Technology Award (ニューテクノロジー賞). If you can, notice the name of our research project: (LMSの連結から生まれるリソースの共有と恊働学習). It means "e-Learning Intercollegiate Collaboration with Moodle LMS".

We received some praise from the Moodle HQ folks via an article published on their news media site. The link is here. They listed us as the "Moodle Association of Japan" however,  the 5-member team is just a subset of that group.

We are working with funding from a Japanese Government Grant from the KAKENHI research fund. The challenges I usually help out with include the technical issues and networking. I also help maintain the Moodle servers for some of the participants. I guess I'm kind of a "chief troubleshooter" but I also try to get my students actively involved in the programs.

Once we collect data and make observations about how the students perform these activities, we then go to different conferences and present about them. We are presenting at the National JALT conference in Tsukuba, Japan on November 23, 2014.

Overall, I really enjoy working with the team. They are open-minded and forward thinking and have a "never-give-up" attitude. This makes the research interesting and fun.
Team from L-R: Professor Shinichi Sato of Nihon Fukushi University
Associate Professor Akinobu Kanda of Tokyo Metropolitan University
Professor Hideto Harashima of Maebashi Institute of Technology
Associate Professor Mari Yamauchi of Chiba University of Commerce
Senior Assistant Professor Thom Rawson of Nagasaki International University
2014 e-Learning New Technology Award
Links from Moodle HQ

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