Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 November 23 | JALT International Conference | Conversations Across Borders | Day 3 Report

Our presentation listed last on the boards at Epochal
In the third day of the conference (my second day), I presented in the first session at 9:15 am with Hideto Harashima and Mari Yamauchi, both colleagues and associates for the KAKENHI research grant project we are working on together along with two other Japanese professors. We presented using the theme Collaborative Online Projects Across LMS Borders and we succeeded in giving both the history of the project and the ongoing efforts to continue cross-collaborations using Moodle.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

2014 November 22 | JALT International Conference | Conversations Across Borders | Day 2 Report

The greeting at Tsukuba's
Epochal Congress Convention Center
This year's National Conference had the theme of Conversations Across Borders. The venue was the Tsukuba Epochal Congress Convention Center which was a beautiful location. There were hundreds of presentations, workshops, poster sessions, and other ways to connect and communicate with other language teaching professionals from around Japan and around the world. It was quite exciting to both attend and present at the conference. Included in this post are a few notes about the presentations I watched on the second day (I didn't attend the first day or the fourth day).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 November 12 | Japan e-Learning Awards | New Technology Award

Our Research Team! Congratulations!
Our research team was awarded a prize for New Technology research at the 2014 Japan e-Learning Awards in Tokyo. Our 5-member team has spent the last few years working together on networking LMS sites together for collaborative projects between universities. We primarily use Moodle to operate online courseware delivery for our students, however our project involves getting the students to work together remotely on different activities.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 November 2 | 5th Annual NIU High School Foreign Language Speech Contest | Judge/Admin

Poster for the Contest
In November of this year, NIU hosted the 5th Annual High School Foreign Language Speech Contest here on campus. We had over 40 participants giving speeches in English, Chinese, and Korean. The pace was fast-moving and the skill level was quite varied. In the end, prizes were given to the top three speakers in each language category plus three special awards were given to some of the speakers of notice.

I helped to prepare for the contest and served as a judge for the English part of the contest.