Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 Aug 29~30 | Moodle Summer Workshop | Obihiro

Summer Workshop 2013 in Hokkaido
I was fortunate to attend the Summer Moodle Workshop in Obihiro Hokkaido and participated in a Lightning Talk with Professor Hideto Harashima of Maebashi Institute of Technology. Professor Harashima is also the President of the Moodle Association of Japan. Our talk focused on using Moodle Network to orchestrate a joint project between universities - TCUE and University of Nagasaki.

I also gave a Workshop on using PoodLL in Moodle on both days (August 29, and August 30) of the conference. PoodLL is the multimedia filter which enables audio and video recording in Moodle among other things. The hands-on training given to attendees will hopefully promote and encourage the use of multimedia within Moodle course offerings.

Lastly, I participated in the Genius Bar in which attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about using Moodle or any of the plugins.

The workshop site was located at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicineon a sprawling countryside campus. What a beautiful location to have a conference not to mention attend university.

The Moodle Workshop site is located here.

The following post contains my notes and thoughts from this conference.