Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Nov 7 | Virtual Language Program | Grant Proposal Submitted

Today marks the day when I completed and submitted my first ever grant proposal for curriculum development here at the university.  The proposal contains the plans for developing and implementing a Virtual Language Program.  The idea is to create content in English developed by native speakers that is based on materials related to each student's major field of study and to prepare a 15-week digital course for students to enroll in and complete for course credit.  The materials will help connect English to what each student is using in their other courses related to their major.

I'll post the details of the grant proposal at a later time if I'm permitted to do so.  The experience of working through the process of grant writing was worth the effort even if the project I suggested doesn't receive funding.  I hope this leads to more opportunity for drawing on the government funding pool here in Japan in order to better the language education system and to give students more diverse methods of acquiring a second language.

As an update, this proposal was declined for various reasons. I'd hoped to have the reasons translated to English but was unable to accomplish that for other reasons.

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