Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Oct 20 | 30th NICHS 英語スピーチコンテスト | Speech Contest Judge

As in the previous year,  I once again attended the Nagasaki Inter-Commercial High School English Speech Contest at Sasebo Commercial High School and participated as one of the Guest Judges.  This was the 30th contest.  I was able to enjoy listening to a series of English recitations and speeches and gave evaluations eventually helping to determine the winners.
Participants joined from 7 different commercial high schools around Nagasaki Prefecture.  The winners for both the recitations and the speeches this year came from both Nagasaki and  Sasebo Commercial High Schools.  Although there were only three winners in both speech and recitation categories, most of the students all gave their best efforts and showed a great deal of preparation and practice in their performances.

This year it seemed that the greatest challenges facing the participants was overcoming the use of Japanese intonation and rhythm for their English sentences.  The "katakana-style" pronunciation still dominates as a major obstacle in fluency to these young boys and girls.  My recommendation to them is to practice native speech by listening closely to their native speaker ALT and also by listening and shadowing native English whenever possible.  I also gave some words of encouragement to all the participants to continue their efforts to speak English fluently.

A perfect lunch box?
By the way, the other judges and I were treated to an excellent boxed lunch during the contests. It made working on a Saturday much more enjoyable I must say.  Here's a picture:

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