Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Jul 16 | 長崎西高等学校SSH研究発表会 | Presentation Judge

Joined a few colleagues in Nagasaki City to participate in the Nagasaki West High School "Super Science High" research conference.  My role in the conference was that of presentation judge.

Students from the high school presented on some difficult and challenging science and mathematics topics.  They performed the in-depth research on their ideas, and then presented their findings IN ENGLISH to judges and peers at the conference.  It was pretty nerve-wracking for the students to say the least.  But I admired both their intelligence in their research and their tenacity with which they attempted to present findings in English, their non-native language.

I was encouraged to ask questions to the teams and in most cases the teams were able to respond well enough to make themselves understood.  I've included the two presentations I was the judge of as reference.

This paper was on catalysts.

This paper was on fish morphology and fluid dynamics.

There were over 20 presentations and sadly I couldn't view all of them given the short amount of time. However, I would love to participate in such a conference again should one be organized in the next year. It was a refreshing break from the standard English recitation/speech contests with which I have become familiar.

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