Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 May 22~24 | Moodle Moot | Mie University

I attended the Mie University Moodle Moot for 2012.  During this conference, I participated by giving two presentations and also contributed to one showcase.  I also watched several presentations given by other members of the Moodle Japan organization.  Here is an overview of what I did during the conference:
Day 1 - February 22, 2012

On the first day, I attended three presentations. The titles of these presentations were:
  • Moodle Workshop - Efficient and Effective Techniques - Peter Ruthven-Stuart
  • Using Moodle in High School - Justin Hunt
  • Theming: Making your Moodle Course Unique - Andrew Clark Johnson
Overall, I learned a few good ideas for making my Moodle site look unique.  I'll attempt using Firebug for Firefox in order to customize the ORC theme at my school.  Also, I got a few good ideas about using Meta-courses for enrolling students into more than one course at a time.

During lunchtime, I participated with Justin Hunt in giving a technical Showcase on PoodLL, the Open Source Moodle Multimedia Filter.  We primarily discussed how our software will be integrated with Moodle 2.x and also helped interested users in the challenges of installation and usage.

I had a chance to hear Michael de Raadt give a Keynote address on how Moodle is developed and delivered to the community.  It was an informative talk on the development life cycle of Moodle.

Also, I gave a presentation on Digitizing your Textbook - the Copyright legal way.  In this presentation, I discussed the methods for moving textbook information into a Moodle course for use in a blended classroom.  Click here for the link to the slide show presentation.

In the evening, I attended the General MAJ meeting and also a networking reception.  I was pleased to meet Mr. Michael de Raadt from Moodle HQ in Perth, Australia.

Day 2 - February 23, 2012

On the second day, I attended two lectures on the following topics:
  • Upgrading Plugins for Moodle - Michael de Raadt
  • Teaching Public Speaking Using a Video Assessment Module - Don Hinkleman
These topics helped me to both get ideas for making changes to existing Moodle plugins for 2.x functionality, and also some ideas for using YouTube as a repository for keeping student videos and assessment of those videos within Moodle.  The videos were primarily focused on giving speeches in English for Japanese students.

Later, I presented on the topic of Migrating Tips for 1.9 to 2.x Moodle Migration.  In my presentation, I covered some of the challenges Moodle administrators will face in making the migration from Moodle 1.9 to 2.x.  I also demonstrated a live migration which miraculously worked.  Click here for a link to the slide show presentation.

Then I was able to hear a Keynote address by Martin Dougiamas from Moodle HQ in Perth.  He was broadcast live via Skype during the conference.  He talked about the future for Moodle and LMS.  It was informative and showed that the folks at Moodle have a good handle on how things are evolving as the Internet becomes more of a collaborative environment for learning and change.

Finally, I received an award for innovation on behalf of Justin Hunt for the work he has done on the PoodLL Multimedia Filter.  I was also named on the award since I have assisted in the development and testing of this functionality.  There was a certificate awarded along with a small cash stipend.

Lastly, I was invited to sit and participate in the Moodle Association of Japan board meeting after the closing of the conference.  I am interested in becoming a more active member on the board, but the first step is getting involved by observing the meeting and knowing the members a little better.

Overall, the conference was very informative and useful.  I've come away from this conference with renewed ideas for my research and development in using LMS in the classroom.

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